New testimonial

Dear HelpOurKids: Thank you for your donation of the crib mattress, bedsheets, books, blankets and stuffed animal.  We appreciate your help. Mother of 1 year old

Fitting for the Future, 2015

We are now actively seeking donations of young men’s and ladies formalwear, shoes, accessories, and makeup for our springtime event, Fitting for the Future.  Please read here for more information!

2014 College Tour, A Massive Success!

We’re just back from our first annual HelpOurKids College Tour program, and are so excited to share with you some information about the day.  Read here to learn more!

Come see our display in Springfield!

We are on display in the “Celebrate Springfield” window on the first floor of Tower Square in Springfield, MA!  We will be on display for the next several weeks, and we encourage you to come by and check us out!  Many thanks to the generous help of several volunteers, including Lisa Newman, Jim Cicerchia, Annette Scheidecker, […]

HOK 2014 College Tour program

HelpOurKids has arranged for a college tour for kids in care in October 2014. The kids will be touring three colleges in Worcester MA: a community college, a state university, and a private college.  If you would like to help with the box lunches and drinks we are providing or transportation, please let me know. This […]

New testimonial

I would like to take this time to thank you and The H.O.K. foundation for all of the donations that we have received to date. The duffle bags, laundry bags, toiletry items, and backpacks are much appreciated. They are a tremendous help to us and to the children we service. Often times, children come to […]

New testimonial

I am working with a family in need of better sleeping arrangements for her 6 year old son. The single mother is struggling financially to keep her head above water. Help Our Kids was able to not only provide a twin size mattress and box spring, but also bedding accoutrements. Help Our Kids also provided […]

New testimonial

Help Our Kids made it possible for one of my families to have proper sleeping arrangements by providing a new Pack ‘N Play as well as toys to brighten their days. The family is struggling financially and this donation really helps their situation. “A” and “J” (both are 1 years old) now have a place […]

New testimonial

Thank you for paying for me and “J”. It was nice of you to do that for us. L and J (two eight year-olds in foster care) are now able to play in the same soccer league as their foster siblings